European Kratom Alliance Announces its Formation

Kratom advocates in Europe have announced the formation of the European Kratom Alliance (EKA). The group made this announcement last week on r/kratom:

It’s been five months since we have started working on this project in secrecy. It started with the WHO debacle, but we have finally made it. As of yesterday, we have formally launched the European Kratom Alliance. We start small, supported only by a few European kratom vendors, and with the blessing of the AKA. We have enough of the national bans of Kratom popping all over the EU and beyond. That’s why we have finally formed the European Kratom Alliance!

For more information, please check our official website. : You can also shoot us an email at [email protected]

The EKA is not only looking to ensure legal access to kratom, but to “support scientific studies and independent public health information in the future.”

Kratom is illegal or controlled in many European countries, including the United Kingdom, France, and Switzerland. Kratom remains legal in many countries including Germany, Spain, and the Czech Republic. In most of Europe, kratom is in a legal grey area. For example, shipments are allowed to be received into some EU member states where kratom is prohibited, when sent from a EU member state where kratom is legal. This is regulated by the EU customs union in the Treaty of Lisbon.

Kratom Science has had a presence in Europe since 2019 and has contributed extensive research and information to the EKA. For more information on kratom legality and other issues in Europe, visit


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  1. Gia L

    I am so thankful for them and everything they have done for us thus far!

  2. Gillian

    SO thankful for them and all they have done for us so far

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