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Las regulaciones sobre el kratom cambian de país en país en el continente europeo, aquí van algunos datos generales. Te invitamos a comentar cualquier tipo de información que quieras compartir con la comunidad de cada país. 

No se nos ocurre lugar mejor para el kratom que la vibrante cultura español y sus espectaculares playas. El katom va ganando popularidad en el país mediterráneo y se vende legalmente en tiendas. 

Más de 60 millones de personas viven en Francia, uno de los países más antiguos del mundo. No son pocos los seguidores del kratom en París y otras ciudades del país.  


En el centro de Europa, Alemania es conocida por su cultura progresista y dinámica. Hay dudas sobre la legalidad del kratom en la capital de Europa, pero… ¡es totalmente legal!

Holanda es mundialmente conocida por su política de drogas tolerante y esto ha atraído a una pequeña pero dedicada comunidad de kratom lovers y vendedores en este fantástico país. 

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Kratom - overview

Mitragyna speciosa (ketum, kratom or kratum, Thai: กระท่อม) is a tropical deciduous and evergreen tree in the coffee family (Rubiaceae) native to Southeast Asia in the Indochina and Malesia floristic regions. Its leaves are used for medicinal properties.

M. speciosa is indigenous to Thailand and, despite growing naturally in the country, has been outlawed for 70 years and was originally banned because it was reducing the Thai government’s tax revenue from opium distribution.

COUNTRIES with Prohibited or questionable legality

Unfortunately, kratom has been banned in some countries. While there has been great strides towards accepting this plant, there is still work to be done! Read our list below for countries you should not travel to or be very careful with kratom.

In 2005, the Australian Drug and Poisons Schedule Committee recommended that Kratom & Mitragynine be grouped along with other schedule 9 substances. This imposed a complete ban on the use of Kratom. This law implied that the legal status of Kratom in Australia is that of a narcotic drug, the use of which is illegal.

Through this legislation, Australia has expressly prohibited the purchase, sale and even possession of Kratom products and Mitragynine. However this law doesn’t prohibit Kratom for research purposes. With the passing of this law, Australia has raised increased pressure on New Zealand to adopt a similar stance on kratom.

Denmark scheduled kratom as a controlled substance as of as of March 13, 2009. Like Finland, it can be obtained with a doctor’s prescription.

Finland is generally extremely restrictive and has banned kratom. While it is considered a controlled substance, some may obtain a prescription for kratom. It is illegal to import Kratom and shipments are seized by customs officials if discovered.

Israel moved to make both Mitragynine and Hydroxymitragynine illegal.

Kratom is currently considered illegal in Lithuania.

Kratom is considered illegal in Malaysia under Section 30 (3) Poisons Act 1952. However, it is reported that possession in Malaysia isn’t a major issue.

Bringing kratom into Malaysia is could have you regarded as a drug smuggler. Quantities above a certain level are harshly punished.

Kratom is now illegal in Myanmar and Burma. It cannot be grown or purchased.

Kratom is currently considered a controlled substance in Poland.

Romania banned kratom (including Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine) on February the 10th, 2010

South Korea has made Kratom an illegal substance. It is heavily regulated with harsh penalties imposed against people who attempt importation and possession.

Kratom is currently illegal in Sweden. There are reported efforts being made to lift the ban.

Kratom has been illegal since 1943. In 1979, kratom was reclassified as a Type 5 narcotic (the least restrictive and punitive level). It was included in the Thai Narcotics Act along with cannabis and mushrooms, reducing sentences and punishments from those guilty under the act.

In the UK, the sale, import, and export of kratom are prohibited under the Psychoactive Substances Act since March 2016. You cannot legally bring kratom with you to the UK nor can any vendor legally ship kratom to you in the UK. 

While simple possession is still legal, possession with intent to supply is illegal and the distinction between the two is not well defined.

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