Kratom Strains

More and more people across Europe are learning about kratom in 2020. With so many varieties of kratom and different strains, its important to understand which one is right for you. Unlike synthetic opioids, kratom’s chemical composition is complex, and the effects of this composition are extremely dynamic.

Kratom’s main alkaloids are mitragynine, paynanthine, speciociliatine, and the more minor 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG). Kratom’s neurochemical complexity is echoed in its physiological effects.

It is generally understood that at low doses (< 1 gram), kratom “can boost energy and enhance mood,” whereas at higher doses kratom is sedating, and may have anxiolytic qualities.

The following table serves as a comparative base for some of the most popular strains of kratom on the market.

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Bali kratom is known as the ideal balance of pain relief and energy boost. Bali is often recommended as a first place to start because it helps achieve a gentle energy boost while maintaining the pain relief expected of a red.


2-5 – 15 grams Powdered Leaf

Maeng Da kratom is an energizing and stimulating strain with notable pain killing effects. This strain takes the normal pain relieving properties of a red strain and adds a strong energetic kick due to it’s specific alkaloid properties.

2-5 – 15 grams Powdered Leaf

Red Vein Kali is one of the most traditional reds. This strain offers pain relief & relaxation. It is most commonly known for its sedating and more classically opiate like effects.

2-5 – 15 grams Powdered Leaf

Red Bali is similar to Bali with some strong red characteristics. This is commonly known as a versatile strain and is a great alternative to regular Bali kratom.

2-5 – 15 grams Powdered Leaf

Green Malay is the original variety of Malaysian kratom. This strain is well known for its mood-lifting, energizing effects commonly found with strong green strains. 

2-5 – 15 grams Powdered Leaf

Green Sumatra offers a unique mix of Bali’s uplifting boost and Green Malay’s long lasting relaxing effects.


2-5 – 15 grams Powdered Leaf

White Borneo is known as a high quality white strain of kratom. Borneo kratom is commonly known for its long lasting, energizing effect. 

2-5 – 15 grams Powdered Leaf

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  1. Amanda Delatorre

    I am used to 30 mg of percocet daily and 400 mg of anti depressants. I’m not stopping the antidepressants but the state is taking the opioids away. I am looking at options of kratom. I’ve tried red strain of bali and I sleep for what seems like forever. I have severe back issues with many disabilities. I suffer with severe fatigue and I don’t want to sleep any more than I already do. Can I get any recommendations please?

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