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More and more people across Europe are learning about kratom in 2020. With so many varieties of kratom and different strains, its important to understand which one is right for you. Unlike synthetic opioids, kratom’s chemical composition is complex, and the effects of this composition are extremely dynamic.

Kratom’s main alkaloids are mitragynine, paynanthine, speciociliatine, and the more minor 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG). Kratom’s neurochemical complexity is echoed in its physiological effects.

It is generally understood that at low doses (< 1 gram), kratom “can boost energy and enhance mood,” whereas at higher doses kratom is sedating, and may have anxiolytic qualities.

The following table serves as a comparative base for some of the most popular strains of kratom on the market.

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Bali kratom is known as the ideal balance of pain relief and energy boost. Bali is often recommended as a first place to start because it helps achieve a gentle energy boost while maintaining the pain relief expected of a red.


2-5 – 15 grams Powdered Leaf

Maeng Da kratom is an energizing and stimulating strain with notable pain killing effects. This strain takes the normal pain relieving properties of a red strain and adds a strong energetic kick due to it’s specific alkaloid properties.

2-5 – 15 grams Powdered Leaf

Red Vein Kali is one of the most traditional reds. This strain offers pain relief & relaxation. It is most commonly known for its sedating and more classically opiate like effects.

2-5 – 15 grams Powdered Leaf

Red Bali is similar to Bali with some strong red characteristics. This is commonly known as a versatile strain and is a great alternative to regular Bali kratom.

2-5 – 15 grams Powdered Leaf

Green Malay is the original variety of Malaysian kratom. This strain is well known for its mood-lifting, energizing effects commonly found with strong green strains. 

2-5 – 15 grams Powdered Leaf

Green Sumatra offers a unique mix of Bali’s uplifting boost and Green Malay’s long lasting relaxing effects.


2-5 – 15 grams Powdered Leaf

White Borneo is known as a high quality white strain of kratom. Borneo kratom is commonly known for its long lasting, energizing effect. 

2-5 – 15 grams Powdered Leaf

Kratom Extracts

A kratom extract is a potent alkaloidal extract of kratom that’s reapplied to powdered leaf. This reapplication to powdered leaf results in a significantly more concentrated version of kratom.

Kratom extracts are on average 15x more concentrated than your traditional ground leaf. For example, if you normally use 15 grams of leaf, you would only need 1 gram of extract.

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  1. Amanda Delatorre

    I am used to 30 mg of percocet daily and 400 mg of anti depressants. I’m not stopping the antidepressants but the state is taking the opioids away. I am looking at options of kratom. I’ve tried red strain of bali and I sleep for what seems like forever. I have severe back issues with many disabilities. I suffer with severe fatigue and I don’t want to sleep any more than I already do. Can I get any recommendations please?

    1. Gary

      If you are wanting to replace Oxycodone, use Green Maeng Da if you are seeking the mood boost/energy/pain relief that Oxycodone can give. Always take Kratom a few hours after your antidepressant metabolises through your liver, if you don’t then Kratom will force the antidepressant to not metabolize correctly and it becomes heavily amplified. It can cause serotonin syndrome.

    2. Holley

      If you are looking for a strain of kratom that is great for pain that will also boost energy without sedation I would recommend green malay , green Sumatra or white Borneo, as a kratom user for over 2 years these.3 strains will offer exactly what you are looking for

  2. Sarah

    Gold Reserve is the best, in my opinion, for replacing opioids. As for fatigue, modafinil is the absolute best.

    1. Pepper

      Have you ever tried Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI)? And if you have, how would you say it compares to Gold Reserve? I’m trying to find the one closest to oxycodone as possible and the extracts are the only ones that even come close.

  3. Dora Diaz

    What is the equivalence red Bali and Ultra enhanced red Bali

    1. Richie Rich

      Red vein Sumatra is what you’re looking for

  4. amber

    What is the correct dosage for newbies and is it okay to take it while I am taking low dose naltrexone 4.5 mg?
    Thank you for your response!

    1. Gary

      I wouldn’t suggest mixing tge two because Kratom binds to the same opiate receptors as Naltrexone. There is no real studies on what you can and can’t mix Kratom with, and everyone is different. I would check and search. The reason people die from Kratom is because of respiratory failure or heart attack from mixing. I don’t really want to give you advice on what you could do because everyones bodies are different. Talk to your doctor first, he may suggest stopping that med, or take Kratom once the med reaches its half life state (assuming it has one).

    2. Holley

      The proper dose for you would be 2.5-3.5 grams

  5. Evelyn

    Hello, I have been researching Kratom. The results sounds great but the side effects are scary. Have nay of you had bad side effects or have been afraid to take this substance

    1. Holley

      I have been using kratom for 2 years and I have never had negative side effects, the key is to start with a low dose of 2-3 grams, as you get used to it you can gradually increase your dose until you find the perfect dose for you

    2. Pepper

      I’ve been using kratom for about 6 years now and sometimes I take more than I need to (just to experiment). When I take too much, I can get what they called the wobbles which is just when your eyes tend to feel a little intense and you feel weak but all you have to do is eat some food and they will go away at least that’s my experience in it. The wobbles are not life-threatening at all they’re just a little scary at first because you don’t know what’s happening. Research it and you’ll see the signs if it ever happens to you. Also, it’s very easy to make sure you don’t get the wobbles. Just take your time in finding the right dose for you don’t go from a little bit to a whole lot the next day or the next hour. Just take your time. The effects of kratom far outweigh any negative side effects it may have in my opinion. My life is so much better ever since I found it. I never wanna go back to before kratom.

  6. Danielle G.

    As someone who’s struggled with drug addiction for years stemming from a multitude of health problems, I will without hesitation say kratom can and will help with your physical and mental symptoms, it can even alleviate the god awful WD symptoms and cravings (for those suffering from addiction as well) BUT you MUST BE PATIENT! You will have to play around with the dose, strain, vein color, ingestion methods ect. There’s no one size fits all solution unfortunately. The first time you do however get it right for your personal body chemistry you are going to be amazed at how wonderful and natural it feels. As for side effects, as long as you’re not being stupid and taking a cocktail of substances (read the autopsy reports and what was in the person’s stomach/bloodstream and you will see what i mean by stupid) thpse individuals were intentionally attempting to chase the dragon and they chased it right into the ground. Now as for taking regular old unadulterated kratom your most severe symptoms will be nausea, headache, constipation, and the “wobbles” an annoying thing your eyes will do when you take a very high dose but it will dissipate 30min-90min after ingestion. All of those symptoms can be avoided by staying properly hydrated and fine tuning your dose to find your personal “golden dosage range”. Just remember LESS IS MORE i know it sounds ludicrous but with kratom its true. I have been on it almost daily (several doses a day) for 4+ years. I recommend for newbies to stick with plain leaf powder or crushed leaf. Extracts are great they just cause a skyrocketing tolerance and it can become costly. You can always try to make your own Extracts and tinctures for fun or a treat from time to time but not every day. Try different vendors too as some have lower quality and charge outrageously for it! Capsules are ok but tend to be least effective due to digesting at different rates. There are mild withdrawal symptoms if taken daily for long periods and stopped abruptly but nothing compared to the severity of pharmaceuticals/synthetics. Research research research! I cannot stress the power of solid accurate information and personal experiences posted all over the web. If you cant find answers to your questions, post it, people are extremely helpful and nice 99% of the time because they werw new once too and most likely remember hpw overwhelmed and lost they felt once upon a time too. Please don’t hesitate tp reach out if anyone has further questions I am happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge and if not i will direct you to someone or somewhere that knows! The wonders of kratom actually sparked my passion/hobby for the naturopathy/apothecary fields because I was so impressed by such a simple plant being so complex and amazing! Email me at [email protected] with any questions 🙂

    1. Bethany

      How long after taking an opiate can I use my Kratom

  7. Dave

    Red vein kali is helped me with my chronic back pain and also helped with my anxiety. It doesn’t have the energy boost though. I wasn’t look for that anyway. So maybe try the red kali with a strain that will help with the energy.

  8. Rian

    Red vein kali and bali are the only things I have found to truly help my chronic pain that isn’t a prescription drug!

  9. Lylse

    Kratom has done wonders for me!!! NEver going back to anything else

  10. Talia

    ¡Estoy muy satisfecho con mi compra! ¡Compré Maeng Da y llegó muy rápido! Hubo algunos problemas con mi dirección, pero Nectar Leaf solucionó rápidamente la situación. ¡Definitivamente regresaré!

  11. Kim

    has anyone ever mixed strains for their daily dose?

    1. EA

      This is an intriguing idea. I might try that next time

  12. Lucia

    ¿Bali Rojo o Kali Vena Roja?

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