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learn some of the best ways to make a delicious kratom treat

Preparation Is A Science

Search the internet and you will find countless ways people are using powdered leaf. The most popular used to be what was known as “toss and wash“, but many have found there are much better ways to use kratom. Below is a compilation of some of the best recipes you can try starting with the basics and working its way to more complicated methods of preparation. Take your time to discover your favorite method or share your favorite way in the comments below.

Wondering where to begin? This is the foundation for an endless amount of kratom preparations. Start with this classic kratom recipe and get lost in more complicated preparations as you grow your expertise.

First things first. You’re going to have to decide what strain of Kratom you’re using. If you’re in pain, you should stick to red strains. Red Vein Kali is a very popular choice. What many people don’t know is that Maeng Da is also a red strain and does a great job being a well balanced “pain” strain. A Red Indo would also do the trick as many people have found Indo strains to be a nice balance for them. Look to some of the green strains like the tried and true Bali or Green Malay if you need more of an energy boost for the day!

Kratom generally taste better with the addition of a sweetener. There are also a number of additions that are known to potentiate the effects of kratom.

Its time to measure out your kratom. Most people online will recommend that you buy a cheap scale online to get exact measurements. I second that opinion. Whenever you are using something like kratom, it is important to know how much you’re consuming. However, if you’re in a pinch, 1-2 well rounded teaspoons should be sufficient for most people.

As a rule of thumb, a teaspoon should produce around 2.5 – 3 grams of kratom. Bring approximately 2-3 cups of water to a boil and mix your kratom together. While stirring, add any sweeteners or additions you may have. Let sit for at least 20 minutes and either consume while still hot or move container to the fridge.

If you want a cold treat for the summer, allow your mixture to sit in the fridge for several hours. As the kratom sits in the bottom of your container, it will become a more solid “sludge” which will make it much easier to pour into another cup. When cooled, you will have an amazing base which you can then mix with other drinks – fruit drinks, juices, let your imagination run wild!

Kratom capsules have become very popular throughout Europe and is one of the more common ways people now use kratom. Capsuled kratom, however, is not easy to find in most stores throughout Europe. Many will choose to buy empty 00 or 000 capsules and capsule their kratom for themselves. Click here for the best source for powdered leaf capsules.

It’s important to note that 00 capsules are much better suited for kratom extract (due to the necessary dosage concentration of approximately 1/2 a gram to 1 gram.

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