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learn some of the best ways to make a delicious kratom treat

Preparation Is A Science

Search the internet and you will find countless ways people are using powdered leaf. The most popular used to be what was known as “toss and wash“, but many have found there are much better ways to use kratom. Below is a compilation of some of the best recipes you can try starting with the basics and working its way to more complicated methods of preparation. Take your time to discover your favorite method or share your favorite way in the comments below.


Wondering where to begin? This is the foundation for an endless amount of kratom preparations. Start with this classic kratom recipe and get lost in more complicated preparations as you grow your expertise.



Coming Soon

The Mitragyna Barista will be posting some of the best recipes found around the internet.

From hot drinks to get you through the winter to fruit smoothies and relaxing teas made for a summer’s day, the Kratom Barista will take you step by step to your favorite preparation. 

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