Green Malay

Green strains, like Green Malay, are known to combine the pain relieving properties of a red strain with the euphoria ​and energy boost of a white strain.

Green Malay does this as well, if not better than, any other green, as there is a true balance of effects. And the balance doesn’t end there, as its potency isn’t burned quickly, leading to longer lasting effects.



The details

Green Malay may be the best example of an effective green strain of kratom, which are known for their blend of energy and pain relief.

the difference

Green Malay has some of the longest lasting effects of any kratom, as well as a smooth experience due to the high concentration of alkaloids, leading to a simpler boost in energy without loss of concentration.

the science

Grown in the forests of Malaysia, Green Malay has been popular in Malaysia for centuries. As kratom has expanded its popularity, so has this highly sought after strain. Its popularity is largely due to its high potency, caused by the high concentration of alkaloids in Malay Kratom leaves.


Kratom Science

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  1. Dave

    Kratom is fantastic! All the green kratom strainds give me a peacefull feeling. Sincerely, 3 year daily Kratom consumer.

    1. Rain

      Hi Dave, I asked this same que to another satisfied customer. Have you tried their green malay? If so do you get headaches?

    2. Bill

      I would love to use it everyday, but use it every other day (2x/day). Don’t you get tolerance issues using it daily?

      1. Christina

        Hello im a daily kratom user due to a TBI I use this strain and alternate with green meang da, to prevent tolerance builds up I was advised by my dr to use milk thistle each night before bed,

        1. NeeNee

          Thank you for letting people know this. It’s important. I recently had blood work and my liver function enzymes were elevated. Kratom causes liver injury. Very important to take the milk thistle to help in repairing the liver or prevent injury.

        2. Doreen

          How much milk thistle do you take each night?

      2. Matthew

        Yes. Even withdrawals can occur so using this everyday is not a good idea.

        1. Sarah

          I am trying the green Malay kratom and I notice it gives me energy and makes me happy.

  2. Chris sheare

    My experience with kratom i would have to say has been very positive i have been dealing with lower back pain knee pain and the plant helps relieve a significant amount of my pain I have tried all sorts of strains green vein Malay is by far the best in my opinion.

    1. Rain

      Hi Chris, Have you tried this companies green malay? if so do you get headaches?

      1. Michael

        I have been taking green malay for a week now. 4.5-5 grams and inly experienced one headache that went away after hydrating and taking a nap. I havent experienced any other symptoms.

        1. Doreen

          Do you still take it ? Have you experienced headaches with each use?

  3. Tracey

    Does it help with detoxing?

  4. IW

    Just got it in and am very excited to try it! surprised how quickly it arrived coming from Spain

  5. Livie

    An underdog to say the least!

  6. Peter

    Green Malay is the perfect introductory strain!

  7. Iris

    Probably the best one I have tried so far

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