Kratom in Montenegro

Kratom Legal Status

Currently legal


Where to buy kratom in Montenegro

As kratom is a legal substance in Montenegro, it shouldn’t be an issue finding an online vendor that ships it to the country.

National drug strategy & laws

The Strategy of Montenegro for the Prevention of Drug Abuse 2013- 2020, its objectives and tasks will serve as the basis for a three-year and two consecutive two-year action plans for the prevention of drug abuse.

The Law on the Control of Production and Traffic of Substances That Can Be Used in the Production of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Official Gazette No. 83/09) governs the monitoring and control of production and distribution of substances (so-called precursors for drugs) which can be misused in the production of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances to prevent their abuse or use for unauthorized purposes.

The national legal framework, in compliance with the EU regulations, is fully established by passing the Law on the Prevention of Drug Abuse, which provides measures for the prevention of drug abuse.

National treatment policy

The Code of Criminal Procedure and the Penal Code stipulate compulsory treatment of drug users.

Several psychiatric hospitals all over the country have departments for treatment of addict patients. What is most commonly offered is outpatient or inpatient detoxification with vitamins, glucose, and symptomatic therapy, while some private facilities offer detoxification with the use of antagonists for heroin users.

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