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  1. I am traveling solo to five different countries in the EU in a few weeks and am really in a bind not fully knowing the most update and easy to understand rules of legality in these countries… despite countless calls and research with the legitimate resources like embassies, customs websites, etc… I am sincerely hoping anyone on here could help me out further. I am going to Iceland, Denmark, maybe Netherlands, Germany, Greece and Spain. Even though in the U.S. its nearly legal in every state, there is no way for me to necessarily get a ‘prescription” for kratom to travel with simply because we can buy it anywhere without a prescription… Upon going to Denmark .. if I have my acupuncturist write a doctor’s note stating legitimacy of me using Kratom will I get in trouble still? I do I know that the information on this site is the most up to date info. for the countries listed, and are there other countries that have banned it or made it controlled that are not listed on here? Lastly, as far as Germany goes could I get in trouble bringing kratom there as well since the legality is so murky? Really really appreciate any help I can get asap!!

  2. Hi!
    I’m doing a research project on kratom and would like a little more information on what Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands are doing for kratom treatment. I’ve searched Google, but haven’t had much luck. Does anyone know where the information on this website is sourced from? Having reliable and valid sources is important for my research. Any guidance is greatly appreciated!
    Thank you for your time.

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